Listed below are the titles of the bills with a summary followed by a link to the specific bill language and other pertinent information

Right to Counsel (Bills S06678B, A07570B):

This bill establishes the civil “Right to Counsel” for all jurisdictions within New York State.  This would allow low-income tenants the right to have an attorney in eviction proceedings.  At the present time, very few tenants without access to this protection are being represented by an attorney, while virtually all of the landlords are.  This imbalance of power often leads to unnecessary evictions.  Cost studies reveal that programs such as this pay for themselves.
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Good Cause Eviction (Bills S03082, A05573):

This bill seeks to amend the real property law by setting standards for which eviction is acceptable and prohibit eviction without good cause.  By setting standards in law, renters will be protected from unfair practices that seek to evict them through no fault of their own.  Tenants who pay their rent on time and lease responsibly must be given this expanded protection.
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