The Rural Preservation and Neighborhood Preservation Programs will receive their first increase in funding since their inception more than 40 years ago. By providing more than $18 million in funding, the programs will be open to more Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Companies who provide local, frontline support for housing needs in communities and neighborhoods throughout the state.

This outcome is a direct result of the hard work of the members of the

Neighborhood Preservation Coalition communicating with our state legislators.


Governor Hochul, Majority Leader Stewart Cousins, Speaker Heastie, Senate Housing Chair Brian Kavanagh and Assembly Housing Chairs Steven Cymbrowitz deserve a round of applause for their historic investment in affordable housing across New York State.

Senator Kavangh & Assemblyman Cymbrowitz are great partners to work with.  Their leadership and understanding of the diverse housing issues across the state are a tremendous asset.  We spoke and they listened – a true testament of the value they place in Neighborhood Preservation Companies and the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition.

OK, the devil is in the details ……

Let’s start with the press releases that the Governor, Senate and Assembly have released in regards to housing issues in the budget:

Governor Hochul – Click HERE
Senator Kavangh – Click HERE; this release does a great job highlighting the specific bill and page numbers for reference.
Assemblyman Cymbrowitz – Click HERE

One of the biggest highlights was $25 billion, five-year housing plan that will create or preserve 100,000 affordable homes across New York, including 10,000 with support services for vulnerable populations.  Here are some other highlights:

  • $1.5 billion for the creation and preservation of supportive housing that provides individuals and families that need supportive services and are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity with the on-site resources they need to thrive and live independently;
  •  $1 billion for new construction of multifamily affordable housing to help individuals and families find new opportunities to live affordably;
  • $450 million to preserve existing multi-family rental housing that will serve to strengthen existing affordable housing across the state and allow individual and families to remain stably housed;
  • $400 million to advance homeownership opportunities across the state, especially in historically underserved markets, and to give low-income families the opportunity to have the dream of first time homeownership;
  • $300 million for senior housing to help older New Yorkers age in place safely in homes that meet their health needs in the communities they love;
  • $250 million for a nation-leading electrification fund to improve energy efficiency in low-income housing units;
  • $220 million for Mitchell-Lama developments across the state to preserve affordability and make important long-term capital improvements as well as the creation of permanently affordable homeownership;
  • $200 million to preserve public housing outside New York City – this housing often serves the lowest-income New Yorkers and is need of capital investment; and
  • $350 million for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA);
  • $50 million for public housing outside of New York City;
  • $100 million in funding for the Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity (HONDA) Program;
  • $7 million for the construction of rental housing with under 20 units; and$2 million in additional funding for the HOPE/RESTORE program for a total of $3.4 million to help keep seniors in their homes.

For individuals that lean towards policy wonks….click HERE to link to the Education, Labor, Housing and Family Assistance (ELHFA) budget bill that contains housing programs.  The Neighborhood Preservation Program is section Z and starts on page 51.  Among the housing highlights one specific success to note is that the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition received an increase in funding from $150,000 to $250,000.

Again, a special shout out goes to Senator Kavanagh and Assemblyman Cymbrowitz for their hard work advocating and fighting for us.