Sunday, October 2
All routes lead to Saratoga for the NPC Annual Conference

Outline map of New York State with icons of a train, bus and a car. Drop pin at location of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Set the tone for your conference experience by choosing your favorite mode of travel, and enjoy the ride.

What’s an easy way to get to Saratoga Springs, NY?

Ride the train.

Rest, read a book, and relax. Lay back and listen to your favorite tunes with free WiFi. Enjoy the sights! The Amtrak app has everything you need online, from booking, boarding, and train status.

Amtrak stations in New York State are numerous. Visit Amtrak for train service in your area.

Sunday, October 2
NYC/Moynihan Train Hall —> Saratoga = Departs 2:20 pm, arrives 5:54 pm
Buffalo, Exchange St. —> Saratoga = Departs 7:09 am, arrives 5:54 pm

Tuesday, October 4
Saratoga —> NYC = Departs 1:57 pm, Arrives 5:45 pm
Albany —> NYC = Departs 12:10 pm, Arrives 2:45 pm*
Albany —> NYC = Departs 1:05 pm, Arrives 3:45 pm*
* Requires transportation from Saratoga —> Albany

Saratoga —> Buffalo, Exchange St. = Departs 1:57 pm, arrives 9:38 pm

The above information is for planning purposes, reflecting the departure and arrival dates. For full trip details, including full timetables, stops, transfers, luggage, amenities, etc. visit Amtrak.

Check out your local bus service if you’d like to have the option to depart earlier in the day.

Perhaps you’d like to get settled at the hotel and enjoy a meal or a stroll through Saratoga prior to the reception.

Greyhound Bus, Sunday, October 2
NYC/Port Authority > Saratoga = Departs 8:30 am, Arrives 12:35 pm

Greyhound Bus, Tuesday, October 4
Saratoga > NYC = Departs 12:25 pm, Arrives 4:40 pm

Schedules above show only the departure and arrival dates for planning purposes. For trip details, including full timetables, stops, transfers, luggage, amenities, etc. visit

Another option?

Drive yourself and share the ride with colleagues. Depart for the conference when you want and set your own agenda for the day. Make stops at favorite locales. You might even want to stay an extra day and create a mini vacation to explore the area.

Saratoga Springs is a beautiful place to be in early Autumn!