The Neighborhood Preservation Coalition will unify, educate, empower, and strengthen community organizations in their provision of affordable housing and community revitalization activities.


The members of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition envision the State of New York strengthened by a network of community-based organizations that are creating positive change in the supply of safe and decent affordable housing, and in revitalization, economic development, and historic preservation activities in neighborhoods struggling with disinvestments, poverty, abandonment, environmental hazards and displacement.


The members of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of NYS, Inc. believe their vision for New York State will only become possible through the existence and activities of effective community-based organizations. Community based organizations are nonprofits that are controlled by the people they serve. As such, they are best able to identify the needs of the community, to build a sense of community, to be held accountable to the community, and to sustain a long-term commitment to the community. But, by their nature, these organizations are typically small and in order to have the clout to obtain the resources needed for their communities, in order to reach the economy of scale needed to be economically efficient with those resources, and in order to share resources, they need to work together. To be effective these organizations need skilled staff, adequate resources, timely information, and, most importantly, associate with one another.