Reminded your Senators and Assembly for whom they legislate; reminded them what we are trying to achieve in our neighborhoods, in their neighborhoods; reminded them that they look better when we do better; and to be assured that a little more would go a long way.  In whatever way you are able to share their time (video conference, via telephone, or in-person), please do so.

Use these resources to help you help all of us:

NPC 2022 Lobby Guide

Find all Legislators whose Districts cross into yours here
For the reverse of this list, by Legislator:
NYS Senators with NPCs in District – elected 2021
NYS Assembly Members with NPCs in District – elected 2021

Be prepared with information regarding the NPC and the status of your specific Assembly and Senate Districts.

Who What and How of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
Impact of Neighborhood Preservation Companies
NYS Senate District Community & Economic Health Statistics
NYS Assembly District Community & Economic Health Statistics
2022 NPCNYS Legislative Advocacy Agenda

For a snapshot of your Legislators in action check here Open States; track bills, review upcoming legislation, and see how your local representatives are voting in your state.