The Neighborhood Preservation Coalition can assist your community-based housing organization by providing you with technical assistance in all aspects relevant to the management of effective organizations and programs. Technical assistance is simply the process of helping to assess a situation, develop a plan to redress problems or learn new skills, and then help you implement the changes or provide the training to help you or your organization carry out its work more effectively.

The Coalition has worked with housing organizations in a variety of capacities including: training new executive directors or program staff, reviewing the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors, providing data and maps for community assessments, developing a strategic plan, and implementing a housing project or program. We have also helped groups resolve disputes with NYS Homes and Community Renewal and ensure compliance with other local, state, and federal funders.

Data Analysis and Research:
Accurate information about your neighborhood is necessary to develop effective housing, program, and revitalization strategies.  The Coalition assists groups in understanding and communicating the meaning of neighborhood-level data.

  • Housing Policy Research
  • Demographic Analysis (age, race, education, income, etc.)
  • Community Assessments and Regional Analysis
  • Housing Condition Research and Data Collection
  • Homeownership and Rental Rates
  • Socia-economic Profiles

Training Design:
NPC staff will work with the appropriate members of your staff and board to design the training and technical assistance services that will most benefit your organization. The provision of training and technical assistance services could take the form of board retreats, one-on-one meetings, in-service trainings, and/or research conducted in the field or in our offices.

Length of Training:
Depending on the types of services requested, training and technical assistance can be designed to meet the needs and time schedule of your organization. Training can be conducted at board meetings or weekend retreats. Small requests for information can often be met within a week or two while larger studies or research may take up to a year.

Fees and Third Party Payment:
Through certain state and/or federal contracts, the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition is able to provide training and technical assistance to community-based housing organizations free of charge. Please contact Coalition staff to learn what is available for your organization.

For more information contact the Coalition staff at (518) 432-6757