Under a bit of construction: this section will have recent webinars and NPP-related information.

Download the 2020-21 NRPP application materials (for existing NRPCs ONLY. This is not a NOFA or RFP.)
Please be sure to download the PDF documents and complete them in Acrobat Reader. If you use another application, including the web browser, any information you input will not be saved.

Reminder: any budget or work plan modifications are due by March 31, 2021.

2020-21 NRPP Application Webinar with HCR (slides and Q&A from July 24, 2020 live event)



Podcast/Webinar List

  • Community Development in Neighborhoods That Have Endured Trauma
    Listen to Stephanie Simeon, Executive Director of Heart of the City Neighborhoods in Buffalo, discuss their approach to community development.
    Part I
    Part II
  • Designing Impactful Housing and Community Development Programs
    Listen to Michele McKeon, COO of RECAP in Middletown, discuss the role of equity within housing and community development
  • Encouraging Sustainable Homeownership and Seeding Employment
    Listen to Christine Nealon and Theresa Newton of TRIP explain their new Property Management Internship
    Listen to the podcast