RBRidgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council | Brooklyn, NY
Community Artists Project


Mennonite United Revival Housing Apartments (MURA), the first affordable multifamily Passive House in New York State, was developed through a partnership between Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, INC. and Mennonite United Revival Church and successfully reflects RBSCC’s holistic approach to Community Development. RBSCC works to address the multi-faceted needs of economically disadvantaged families and the greater Bushwick community; RBSCC’s 40 years of mission based work strives to “build communities, not just housing.”

Mennonite United Revival Housing Apartments is visible from various viewpoints around Bushwick- characterized by its modern, “green” and industrial design elements; its well-insulated envelope is a visible indicator of Passive House standards and concern for environmental efficiency as well as low tenant utility costs. Its proud roof-top solar panel arrays and its prominent colorful exterior mural are features of MURA that are responsive to and celebrated by the local community.

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Community Artist Project Mural on RBSCC’s MURA at 424 Melrose. RBSCC’s CAP- Public Art commissioned for Bushwick, by Bushwick. RBSCC is proud to contribute to the cultural and creative environments of Bushwick and to continue celebrating our local traditions of Public Art. Photo Courtesy of: Arts and Rhymes Collective

MURA features an exterior mural installed as part of RBSCC’s Community Artist Project (CAP). RBSCC developed CAP as an intentional community initiative focused on providing opportunity and support for the longstanding creative Bushwick community. CAP is a unique local opportunity, calling together RBSCC residents, RBSCC staff, our built environment and our creative community, to develop Public Art works which showcase the proud and diverse talents of Bushwick’s long–term artists. Bushwick artists who were selected for funding and support developed large scale images which reflect the diverse culture, history and experiences of the Bushwick community.

Public Art plays an important and historic role in Bushwick and Art was integrated into the design of the MURA Passive House structure. The three Artists/Art collectives who were selected for CAP have long-term ties to Bushwick and have long celebrated the creative expressions of the community. Creating paid opportunities for local Artists to create work in and for the community complements the responsive design of the structure and reinforces the holistic sustainability approach of RBSCC. CAP continues RBSCC’s tradition of developing services and opportunities based on the needs and goals of the community.


HopsArt at work at RBSCC’s United Revival Housing Apartments. Photo Courtesy of: Arts and Rhymes Collective

MURA’s CAP mural was designed and installed by HopsArt a member of Arts and Rhymes Collective. Both HopsArt and Arts and Rhymes are Bushwick-based creative entrepreneurs and active contributors to the vibrant social and cultural community as well as the visual landscape of the neighborhood. At MURA HopsArt and Arts and Rhymes Collective created a mural titled “Bushwick Windows.” In the words of HopsArt “The windows represent Bushwick’s long-term residents and their traditional domestic scenes.” Hops continues: “The mural’s physical challenges, the interaction with the public, and the artwork’s organic development are the most fulfilling aspect of the mural experience.”

MURA and RBSCC further goals of our development partners and the Bushwick community through promoting and providing opportunity for economic stability, advancement, and social sustainability. The unique and efficient physical structure, the tenants, the in-house social services, and community engagement opportunities address the spectrum of local community need and community goals while fostering community sustainability on environmental, social, and economic levels.

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