This series helps you identify the risks and opportunities that a transition might bring and
prepare the organization for
minimizing risks and seizing new opportunities.

To get the most out of this series,
it is recommended that senior staff and Board Members review the information.
(a good application “organizational activity” for those of you in the NRPP)

Planning for Staff Leadership Succession

Session 1 was chock full of information.  It provided an overview of the role of strategic planning and its relationship to the process of succession planning, we had smaller group discussions and a larger one.  To watch this session click here: Workshop Day 1
Click and download these materials provided in the workshop to help guide you:
~ Slides from Succession Planning Workshop Day 1 of 3
~ Succession Planning Discussion Guide
~ Sample Succession Plan
~ NPC Succession Planning – Organizational Calendar & Documentation

Preparing the Organization for Executive Transition
Session 2 offered guidance on preparation; tools to assess organizational readiness; preparation for Boards of Directors; help ensuring daily operations continue during a leadership transition; and more. Tune in with your staff and Board to continue the process of preparation: Workshop Day 2
~ Slides from Succession Planning Workshop Day 2 of 3
~ Emergency Succession Plan Template

Hiring and Onboarding for Executive Leadership
This final session covered steps involved in the hiring and onboarding process, assessed various options involved in the hiring process, including: establishing a search committee; developing or revising the job description; determining where and how to advertise the position; how to evaluate resumes and candidates; and the importance of reference and background checks. Helps ensure a smooth and comprehensive onboarding process including defining board and staff roles and leveraging the documents developed in Session 2.
Watch the session here:
Workshop Day 3
~ Slides from Succession Planning Workshop Day 3 of 3
~ Sample Interview Questions and Format  

~ Indeed’s 60 Interview Questions for Executive Director Jobs (includes sample answers)
~ Examples of Behavioral Interview Questions (by Washington U.)
~ The Evolution of Executive Transition and Allied Practices
~ How to Survive an Executive Transition through Good Management
~ Interim Executive Directors: Power in the Middle
~ New ED Onboarding Guide and Template

Also discussed during the series:
~ The Guidestar Report for Nonprofit Compensation   
~ Tech Impact resources

Presented by:  Susan Weinrich, Senior Vice President for Organizational and Community Development at NYCON (click icon below to visit their website and learn more about Susan and everything NYCON offers)