*** 2020-21 NRPP Application Available ***

New York State Homes and Community Renewal has released the 2020-21 NRPP Application.

Please follow the links listed below to go to the HCR Website where the application along with other relevant forms and documents that will be necessary to complete the application process are available.

The HCR NPP Website Page does a good job of providing an overview of the Neighborhood Preservation Program and the specific forms and documents that are required.

In addition to the actual link to the website program home page, there are two other links/pages that I would recommend that you take the time to review.  One is the power points slides from the recent webinar HCR held and the other is the Question and Answer portion of the webinar.  Both are useful documents as you prepare your application.




The Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State, Inc. is a statewide membership organization of community-based, not-for-profit housing companies and other interested parties committed to revitalizing New York State’s urban and suburban areas. The Coalition provides information on state and federal housing policies, networking opportunities, advocacy services and technical assistance to its members.

NPCs check the webinar/podcast page for your Community Profile and other helpful application information! 


Locations of all 140 Neighborhood Preservation Companies (click image to enlarge)