Est. 1989

Our History

The Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State was incorporated as a statewide membership organization in 1989 to assist, unify, and represent Neighborhood Preservation Companies (NPCs) and other non-profit, community-based housing organizations on a statewide level.

The purpose of the Coalition is to unify the state’s community-based organizations in order to build broad support for their neighborhood revitalization activities and to improve their effectiveness. The members of the Coalition develop, rehabilitate and manage affordable housing, provide tenant assistance, prevent homelessness, administer youth and senior programs, help lower income families become homeowners, and facilitate neighborhood safety and community participation.

Our goal is to build a statewide network of well-supported and effective community-based organizations that are creating positive change in each neighborhood that is struggling with disinvestment, poverty, and abandonment. The members of the Coalition believe their vision for New York State will only become possible through the existence and activities of effective community-based organizations.

The Coalition provides a wide variety of services to ensure that these organizations have the funding, the information, and the expertise to make their visions reality. We provide technical assistance to help groups with issues such as organizational development, strategic planning, contract compliance, and community assessments. The Coalition provides a unified voice for affordable housing by monitoring budget and legislative issues, lobbying government officials, and publishing reports to document New York State’s housing crisis and the accomplishments of community-based organizations. We also provide a forum for groups to exchange information about housing activities around the state and we facilitate cooperation and peer training.

We welcome all those interested in the provision of affordable housing and the revitalization of New York State’s neighborhoods to become a part of our network!