2021 VIRTUAL CONFERENCE was October 5&7, 12&14, 19&21
Thank you
Presenters and Panelists, Sponsors and Attendees,
and, especially, all those who took the surveys! 

October 5 – NYS Homes and Community Renewal and Office of Community Renewal laid it all out for us.  Did you miss it? Click here SLIDESHOW to get an idea of just some of the information they shared. #nppsgetyouraprsin #homeandrestoremoneythereforyou

October 7 – The Office of the Attorney General of New York State and the Empire Justice Center brought the NYS Homeowner Protection Program (click to the HOPP homepage) to life for us with information from foreclosures to funding. Not to mention recognizing the many Neighborhood Preservation  Programs and Coalition Members who participate.  Here is a list of the current HOPP AGENCIES and a reminder of their prolific PROGRAM. The HOPP Hotline: 855-466-3456 #handy info

October 12 – Goldstein Hall and Community Resource Exchange provided an almost overwhelming amount of information. First an update on the Riseboro Community Partnership Inc. vs. SunAmerica Housing Fund. (SLIDES) This case is at the heart of nonprofits’ purchase options for affordable housing development after Year 15.  Next, a topic widely discussed among Neighborhood Preservation Programs this year during grant renewal time, Board roles and responsibilities (SLIDES).  Finally, CRE gave us great tools for maximizing our Board’s value (SLIDES).

October 14 – Senator Charles Schumer reminded how important and impactful it is to contact our Senators and elected officials to let them know the needs of our neighborhoods across New York State.  Then NACEDA (SLIDES) and NLIHC (SLIDES) reviewed, with great detail and depth the past year’s Federal programs and their impact, as well as what is on the horizon and what we need to do to enact change. Items discussed:
>Check out the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act
>Representative who signed the Dear Colleague letter
>Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Dashboard
>ERA Spending Progress
>ERA Reallocation Guidance
>NLIHC’s The Road Ahead for Low-Income Renters
>Ensure any infrastructure and recovery package includes #HoUSed Campaign’s top priorities, includes Congressmember Torres’s letter and other opportunities for support
>Read just how much housing vouchers in Economic Recovery Bill would sharply cut homelessness and housing instability

October 19 – In the most attended event of the series, Camaraderie was apparent between our New York State Housing Chairs, Senator Brian Kavanagh and Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz. They updated us on the state of legislation in New York, took ALL the questions, and made us aware of upcoming events, including:

Notice of Public Hearing – Oversight of the State Fiscal Year 2021-2022 State Budget for New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal click HERE. October 27, 2021, 10:00 A.M; Assembly Hearing Room, 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York, NY
The Assembly Committee on Housing now invites feedback from those implementing and being served by the State Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Housing Budget to better understand their needs and experiences. The Committee also welcomes testimony regarding the need for a new five-year capital spending plan for affordable housing purposes to support preservation and development activities moving forward.

There was also discussion of the Housing Access Voucher Program, a Bill currently in the Senate (S2804B) and Assembly (A3701A).
These are intended to, “act to amend the public housing law, in relation to establishing the housing access voucher program.”  The purpose being, “to provide housing assistance to the homeless and those facing an imminent risk of homelessness.”
This bill creates the Housing Access Voucher Program, which provides rental assistance in the form of vouchers to individuals who are homeless or who face an imminent risk of losing their homes. The Housing Trust Fund Corporation will oversee this Program, and State and local public housing agencies will administer the program.

October 21 – Baaba Halm, Enterprise Community Partners‘s Vice President and Market Leader for New York State, led a panel discussion regarding an “Equitable Path Forward: Dismantling the legacy of racism in housing.”  Tremendous insights and contributions from all of our esteemed guests: our own Coalition Member & Region 2 (Manhattan) Board Member Yvonne Stennett, Executive Director at Community League of the Heights; Scott Short Chief Executive Officer at Riseboro Community Partnership; and Ben Upshaw, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of CB Emmanuel Realty.

Please visit our DEI page for helpful resources, shared by Enterprise, to continue the conversation.